Fresh start?
This is my brand new livejournal. I made a new one because I didn't want to be connected to my old livejournal. If you are looking at this post because I have joined a community that does not have open membership, I am not a troll. I would be more than willing to contact you via my former livejournal username so that you know that I am not a troll. I would just prefer to not be associated with my "female" name any longer.
This journal is not intended to be hidden. You can feel free to leave a comment and add me as a friend.

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Going by "max" these days.

Okay :) Male pronouns, too? (I hope so, I'm no good at all with genderless ones!)

Are you going to write some history about this sometime? I'd be really interested, I never would have guessed you were trans!

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